The story thus far…

Okay … here’s a recap of the story thus far …

About 20 years ago Jim (The boss) was really into cars and environmental stuff.

About five years ago three guys (Jim, Blaine and John) started hanging out together and worked on building a very special car. The car was to be the most fuel efficient vehicle ever built. Eh. If you’re going to dream then dream like a boss.

About four years ago the group grew (Jim, Blaine, John, Terry, Dave, Bruce, Andrew, Jack, Juan, Jim, Jim* and Eugene) and they took part in an X-prize competition. The world best designers and dreamers got together to take part in a competition to build a 100 MPGe automobile. The most fuel efficient automobile was the design goal. These were our kind of people. So we entered.

About three years ago the group got eliminated from the competition because we couldn’t come up with a body in time to put on the chassis we had built. Can’t drive in the competition without a body.

About 2 years 11 months ago in comes Red Eye and Stratasys who build for us a unique 3D printed car body for the team. The first fully 3D car body ever produced.

About a year ago the film guy (Doug) following us around was finally able to release his documentary he had been working on.

In there there were a couple of trips to Las Vegas and the SEMASHOW, Trips to Hungary, Germany, LA, A TEDx talk, A google talk, a couple of other talks, magazine articles and videos  made by news programs from around the world.

There was a lot that happened.

But right after the documentary aired everything stopped.

No work was being done on the car as funding never materialized.

The team stopped.

Everything stopped.

Moral was low. Real low. (read Seth Godin’s the dip and you will know what we went through)

But then something happened.

What if we tried again.

Somehow we have made it this far without any investors. We all still have our homes and the car belongs 100% to the team. We actually have a car now (no longer just a wooden car)

What if we tried again?

No more competitions. No investors.

What if we challenge ourselves with a goal and work towards achieving that goal?

Remember at the beginning when I said if you are going to dream big then dream like a boss?

We’ll then…

What if we were to build a car, a very energy efficient automobile, the most energy efficient automobile ever built and drive it across America?

Drive from San Francisco to New York and do it on 10 gallons of fuel.

Would that change things and make the world a better place?

I suppose its time to the team got back to work.

Hope you choose to follow along.

It is going to be a fun ride (think roller coaster).

Was before.




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