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The following are just a few examples of the fantastic news coverage on the Urbee project.  A web search for “Urbee” provides countless examples of the worldwide interest in this important project.


Jéssica Gomes Ferrara | March 10, 2014


Criador do projeto acredita que carros com pouca potência, muita autonomia e emissões de poluentes quase zeradas são tendência para o futuro … MORE

“A great article from Jessica, in Brazil, where ethanol as a bio-fuel in cars, as we plan for URBEE, is quite common.” Jim Kor


John McElroy | March 7, 2014

Water Your Diesel and Watch it Grow

Geneva auto show hits and misses and Cadillac’s anti-Occupy ad. … MORE

“A discussion about Additive Manufacturing.” Jim Kor


Justine Gay | March 5, 2014

les spécialistes des technologies 3D accélèrent les processus

Des chambardements, l’industrie automobile en a connus, notamment avec l’entrée en scène de l’Asie, dans les années 1960 alors que l’Europe et les Etats-Unis régnaient jusque-là en maître. Mais jamais les constructeurs automobiles ne s’étaient vus chahutés par d’autres types d’acteurs, comme c’est le cas aujourd’hui. A qui la faute ? Aux nouvelles technologies, dont l’émergence a créé une brèche dans laquelle des outsiders ont su s’engouffrer ? … MORE

“An interesting article in French about the emerging players within the automotive landscape.” Jim Kor


Lauren Murrow | February 21, 2014

The 3-D Printed Universe

“An encyclopedia of 3-D objects made in the Bay Area, from candy to a new leg.” … MORE

“An amazing assortment of 3-D printed artifacts within this article.” Jim Kor


Chitra Sethi  | February 21, 2014

Coming Soon: A 3D Printed Car

“In May of 1903, auto enthusiast Dr. Horatio Jackson, his mechanic Sewall Crocker, and his dog “Bud”, set out from San Francisco to New York City in a Winton car.” … MORE

“A very nice article that highlights our planned coast to coast trip.” Jim Kor


Evelio Contreras | February 20, 2014

Can you really make a car on 3-D printer?

Take a look at how 3-D printing can change your life. … MORE

“Yes! Yes you can make a car.” Jim Kor


Ananya Sharma | January 24, 2014

Interaction With Jim Kor For Sustainability’s Brainchild: Urbee 2

“Imagine a scenario where the only modes of transportation were your own feet and the animals you could ride. Wouldn’t it lead to a better and healthier lifestyle? Certainly yes, if only that was the case. Humans have evolved beyond imagination but in this race to excel in all possible fields we forgot that there was a price to pay for everything.” … MORE

“A good summary of the project.” Jim Kor

AMS Logo

Mike Farish | January 6, 2014

The sum of its parts

“As OEMs increasingly explore the use of additive manufacturing in production AMS looks at its unique advantages” … MORE

“This article describes Additive Manufacturing as related to the automotive industry and includes URBEE.” Jim Kor


GradCAD Community | January 1, 2014

URBEE 2 Insignia Design Challenge (Contest is Closed)

Design the insignia for the world’s greenest car, URBEE 2! … MORE

“The GrabCAD experience was amazing, from our Team’s perspective, on many levels; … an incredible response, and an extremely talented organization.” Jim Kor


Joe Bargmann | November 4, 2013

Urbee 2 the 3D-Printed Car That Will Drive Across the Country

“It may look like a bean, but the hybrid car Urbee 2 can get hundreds of miles to the gallon—and it’s made mostly via 3D printing. In two years, it could become the first such vehicle to drive across the United States.” … MORE

“A very accurate article that describes the upcoming URBEE 2 phase of the project.” Jim Kor

Blog Post:

The Left-handed Cyclist

Hephaestus | January 15, 2012

Bucky Fuller and the Urbee

“The Urbee hybrid two-seater car has had a lot of media hype lately, largely because its body is manufactured using 3D printing (rapid prototyping). But its claims of high efficiency are due to the compactness and low aerodynamic drag of its body and its light weight.” … MORE

“This blog post contains facts and comments on rear steering, which we are developing within URBEE.” Jim Kor


THE ECONOMIST | February 10, 2011

The printed world

Three-dimensional printing from digital designs will transform manufacturing and allow more people to start making things … MORE

2013 04 11 | CTV news Winnipeg | by Jill Macyshon
Is Urbee the Car of the Future?

2013 04 03 | Blog article | by Karsten Singh
The Printed Car

2013 03 11 | Online article from the | by Stuart Nathan
Solid progress: the transformative power of 3D printing

2013 03 06 | Official press release from RedEye on Demand
RedEye On Demand, KOR EcoLogic Collaborate for URBEE 2 Car

2013 03 05 | Online article from Faster and Faster
Jim Kor talks about the possibility of 3D printing tech coming to motorcycle production

2013 03 01 | Online video by GeoBeats News
3D Printed Car Coming Soon

2013 03 01 | Online video by NewsBeat Social | by Genelle Padilla
The World’s First Printed Car: The Urbee is rolling off the 3D printing press

2012 Fall | Article from The CTMA View | by Paul Adair
Eye on Innovation

2013 02 27 | Online article from | by Alexander George
3-D Printed Car Is as Strong, Half the Weight, and Nearing Production

2013 02 10 | Online article from Pioneer Press | by Leslie Brooks Suzukamo
Printing’s Next level: Economy Cars

2011 09 25 | 全球首輛 3D列印車亮相
International video

2011 11 16 | Online article from | By Ellyn Fortino
Watch Out Prius: Here Comes the Urbee

2010 11 02 | Online article from | By Olivia Solon
First road car produced with a 3D printer